ZOTOS is a toolbox that provides the resources for beautiful hair dressing. Offering a diversified line-up of high quality and highly functional product at an approachable value, ZOTOS allows professional stylists to explore endless possibilities and create without limits.

ZOTOS’s desire is to maximize the individual’s beauty so each and every customer can shine with brilliance. For the professionals who wish to support such beauty. And for the true joy and excitement of hairdressing. 

The Origin of ZOTOS - The Pioneer of Cold Perm, The leading Professional beauty brand for more than eight decades

During the 1920’s, prior to the introduction of ZOTOS permanent wave had been conducted on a large scale using electric machines. Dr.Ralph Evans, founder of ZOTOS, came up with the innovative idea and succeeded in developing the machine-less wave. The ZOTOS brand was born in New York, taking advantage of this first innovation, it had become possible to provide safer and more satisfactory services both for professional stylists and clients through a new method of electricity-free permanent wave.

Later, in 1941, the first cold permanent product in the world was developed. In 1970’s, many kinds of innovative products, including exothermic technology and acid technology, were introduced to the market

ZOTOS, being the pioneer of cold permanent wave, has developed many innovative and high-quality products such as coloring materials and hair care products during eight decades of its history. 

In 1988, our company became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shiseido Company. Ltd, one of the world’s largest cosmetic companies. It has established unshakable position as the leading brand in the world of professional beauty.

Today, ZOTOS has become the most reliable brand among the professional stylists all over the world. We are making effort to keep its reliable position which can provide the highest value at all times in order to meet the expectations. By offering this value, professional stylists and customers throughout the world are experiencing the joys of hairdressing.